What is Motocron ?

Like many of us who have more than one vehicle to keep track of, I had some folders with papers in them and even a spreadsheet at one point, but as the vehicle count grows, or as time passes, it is increasingly difficult to answer questions by rifling through thick folders or sifting through a 1000 row spreadsheet. And sometimes, the answer is in a folder that you have since archived or given to the new owner, or on some old version of the spreadsheet that you lost. Even if you only own 1 or 2 vehicles, you would probably like to keep track of  what was done when and be able to recall details and photos anyplace, anytime. And many of us own more...Jet Ski, ATV, fishing boat, RV, yard machines, etc 

Well, Motocron (formerly Classic Velocity Vehicle Log) is the answer.....It is an app that keeps track of all of the activities and costs (at whatever level of detail you choose to track them) over time associated with all of your vehicles. It will even let you go back in time and paint a complete picture of vehicles you already own. It adds even greater value by providing a series of reports on activity, and costs, and todo items, to help you easily answer questions like :

"At what mileage did I do an oil change on that bike?" or
"What show awards have I won with this car?" or

"How many hours since the last service on that Jet Ski? or
"Were we in Wyoming or Iowa when I had that battery failure?" or
"How do I find that picture of the tail rack I installed 4 years ago?" or
"Who did I buy the subframe bushings from again?" or

"When did we purchase the side-by-side?" or
"How old are those spark plug wires?" or the always dangerous
"How much do I have into this thing anyway?"

Reports can be filtered by vehicle, timeframe, type of activity, etc, and viewed in a variety of formats. There are 2 subscription levels, so that you can tailor access according to your needs. Lastly it lets you do this wherever and whenever you want on whatever device you want. Never lose anything, retrieve information in seconds on whatever device is with you, print to enhance or replace your paper files, etc. Do it all with Motocron!